Monday, August 31, 2009

PLEASE mark your calendars...

As an adoptive mom myself, my heart simply aches for this family. However, anyone who is a parent themselves (adoptive or not), or who has parents themselves (that covers all of us, right?) can imagine and sympathize with how horrific the idea would be of your family being torn apart - due to an outdated legal loophole.

Please attend this fundraiser. I have communicated a few times with this adoptive mom & the event sounds like it will be a lot of fun (great silent auction items too!) and all of the money raised will go to this great cause. If you can't come, but want to donate, there is information on how to do so on their website. OR you (or your business) can always donate something to the silent auction! Every little bit helps.

Please pass on this info by email/blog/facebook to everyone you think could sympathize with these parents and their legally adopted 2 year old son (that they've raised since birth). Let's rally around this family and help them do what most of us take for able to continue raising their son.

If anyone wants/needs more information on this, feel free to call or email me - and if you don't have that info, just leave a comment on this post! I hope to see lots of people I know at the event!


Jana said...

Holy blogging! I thought my life was flashing before my eyes, but it was just the Summer! What great photos and memories. You did a great job documenting a fun Summer. Thanks for all the cute pictures, especially of the adorable kids! Love them so much! And thanks for all you do to help create fun family gatherings and memories. Love you!

Becky T said...

Wow, you are so faithful in your blogging! I'm so impressed and need to be better myself. :) But I have loved all of your posts and I love the way you document everything your boys are doing, you are so good! And I will be thinking of this family and hoping all will go well for them. What kind of loophole is there that would allow this to happen?! It is SOOOO wrong. My heart goes out to them. I'll be praying for them!