Friday, August 21, 2009

Father's Day

I'm really bothered that I don't have any pictures of our dads for this Father's Day post - you guys are both the best and we love you!!! In fact, Lincoln had even gone to bed by the time my camera came out that day. So, this post will just be a couple of pictures of Mark and Noah when Mark opened his father's day gifts.

Yes, that certainly is Noah's posed smile, but I still think that it's dang cute!

Noah (like all kids) loves to help opening the gifts. This one was actually from him, a tie (unoriginal, I know) that Noah really did help pick he was pretty excited.
Thank you, Mark for being the dad that you are to our two precious boys. You truly are everything that I ever hoped the father of my children would be. As cheesy as that's true! We love you!

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