Thursday, August 20, 2009

Princess Zoey turned 4!

Noah's friend Zoey turned 4 in June, and she had the most fabulous Tinkerbell/Peter Pan party. She is all girl and loves dresses, pink, and obviously fairies. Her parents put on such a cute birthday party and we were lucky enough to be invited! All the little girls received adorable fairy wings & headbands, while the boys got peter pan hats & swords.

The kids looked so cute wandering around the backyard...

Sydney, Noah & Maddie.

The kids were sent out on little treasure hunts. Here is Noah taking a look at a little treasure box that he found. He really embraced his roll as Peter Pan. There is very little that Noah seems to enjoy more right now than dressing up and role playing. Whether it's a hooded towel for a cape or a "real" costume - Noah loves becoming a character and fully delving into his role. So this party was extra fun for him!

Here is Noah enjoying playing around with his sword.

Lincoln left his hat on for a while, but ditched the sword pretty inhibited his climbing & drink snatching abilities.

Kate with her adorable daughter Anna - who I actually get to start babysitting this week while her mom goes back to work for the school year!

En garde! Noah began to take his role as a swordsman quite seriously. In fact, he rarely stepped out of character during the party :) And, maybe it's just because Mark & I used to fence, but I thought the whole thing was quite entertaining and even somewhat endearing.

Here are a couple of shots of Noah & Michael sword fighting...

Mark & Lincoln enjoying the lunch.

Time for cake!

Isn't this cake beautiful?! Zoey's mom Leah made the cake & our friend Claire decorated it. Aren't the flowers on it so pretty?

Leah & Zoey while we sung happy birthday.

Blowing out the candles...

Noah & Michael eating their cake.

Zoey's dad (Welby) and her brother (Ezra).

And lastly it was present opening time. I had to include a shot of this darling dress that Claire made for Zoey's birthday gift. I could hardly believe that Zoey didn't want to put it on for the party, so I had to still take a picture of it! Seriously, a party this cute & girlie made me want a little girl!!...not instead of one of my addition to them, of course.

All the kids watching (and "helping") Zoey open her gifts...
Thanks for inviting us to your party, Zoey - we had a blast!


Jana said...

Oh my gosh! Too cute. That looks like a party you would have gone nuts over when you were little.(or now) I love it. Noah looks so cute too!

Heather said...

holly thanks for your comment... i have loved catching up with you. seriously that cake was awesome. it looked liked a wedding cake. such a fun party.
i loved seeing allison & ethan's little boy. soooooo cute. ethan is such a great cook. that cake was adorable. also i'm so sorry about your bad day.. i hate chipped teeth. cayden had to get his fixed when he was little too. :(
i hope all is going well with you.