Friday, February 29, 2008

February clean-up

So, here's the scoop on this random post. I was just going through February's pictures on my computer and organizing them, and I pulled several aside that I liked that I hadn't posted. Hope you like!

A few random shots of Noah. This one is of Noah with some of his favorite sidekicks. He has to know where they are at all times. They all corespond with either Toy Story or Finding Nemo. And, yes...the big fish is actually our tub's faucet cover (which Noah is convinced is really a shark).

A sight many moms are familiar with. Dirty knees.

Just watching the tube and chillin' in a box...with post-nap bead head.
Waiting to go out for a walk. Yes...Woody and Jesse came with us.


What's more squeezable than a chubby baby in a onsie?

Then we've got cute baby shoes, binkie baby, and chubby fingers...

Brother Bonding...
It's been fun to watch Noah and Lincoln begin to have unsolicited interaction with one another. Lincoln tries to watch what Noah is during during the day, and now and then Noah will ask to hold Lincoln. In this case, the other morning, Lincoln was set down on our recliner. I turned my back for a moment and when I looked back Noah had climbed up onto the chair next to Lincoln and was giving him kisses and laughing. So, I grabbed my camera and got a couple quick shots.
I love that they're looking at each other in this picture. Too cute.
A little video clip of some brotherly interaction...

A Cowboy Party

Our little cowboy turned two! Here are a few (ok, several) pictures from his birthday party!!!
Gotta have sherrif badges for a cowboy party!

I had to include a photo of the suckers I made (hazelnut & mint-chocolate) because they were kind of an accomplishment for me. I made over 30 & had fun doing it, but it was more of a project than I had anticipated (that happens a lot with me, I guess).

I had to have a photo with Lincoln wearing his little red cowboy boots! (I sure wish that they would've stayed on though, but oh well - they ended up being a cute decoration...)

Cousin Ava and Grandpa Mont.
Mark (the "bartender") with his cowboy boot mug (enjoying vanilla creme soda of course)!
Grandpa Rob & Uncle Matt diggin' into the grub!
I think Linc enjoyed getting passed around and held by everyone. Here he is with his great-grandma Shirlene.

Time for cake, li'l cowboy!

Yeehaw! Happy Birthday, little buckaroo. We love you. (and I think he liked the chocolate cake, what do you think?)

Noah trying out some creme soda in a boot cup. Yum! He's not used to that fizzy stuff!

Checking out the packages...
Noah loving the horsie attached to the top of this gift...
I couldn't resist including one where you could see his cute cowboy cape! Thanks, Allison!!!
Time for present opening! We're glad that Noah's friend Michael was there to be so excited about helping open presents - it made things a lot more fun!

Noah loves his construction stuff - thanks Donnelly's!!

Gotta love those blue eyes...
Noah loves his Mr. Potato Head (thanks uncles Matt & Josh!). He didn't want to open any other presents after that - just wanted to play. And, now that he has a new "prop" he has renewed his fever for Toy Story.
Little Lincoln with both of his grandmas!
I couldn't help but include a picture of the boot pinata! Notice that, at the end of the party, it's not broken...Noah had absolutely no interest in breaking it. At his party last year we converted the pinata to a pull string (with a trap door) - easier for young kids & doesn't go against the "we don't hit" advice we normally give, since we can't explain the difference to such a little kid.
We tried that again this year, but the sole of the boot was solid - only the column of the boot hollow, so we couldn't convert it. ANYWAY! After several attempts to get Noah to hit the pinata with a bat, he put the bat on the ground and started walking his toys along it. A bit anti-climatic, but we just put the pinata away for later this summer when he's a little older. It'll be a fun activiy for later anyway...
The party's over and Noah has discovered the joy of chocolate. He's even added the word to his vocablulary (it sure didn't take long for him to learn it after introducing the word...I wonder why?) Here he is enjoying a cowboy hat in the form of mint-chocolate! Mmmm.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Noah!

So, let me start out this post by saying that I had been slowly working on and saving adjustments to this post over the last week. I had been learning how to put things in a more creative format, etc. Of course when I went to post it yesterday (on Noah's birthday) - I somehow lost it all. I don't have the patience to re-create it again the way it was before, but I hope you enjoy it anyhow. I really enjoyed thinking about the last couple of years as we celebrated our sweet little Noah's birthday. Here you go...

(One week old)

Then - This was our first photo as a family of three.
Now - We are a family of four.

Then - He weighed 7 & 1/2 pounds.
Now - He weighs 28 & 1/2 pounds.
(One month)

Then - He slept in a cradle next to our bed.
Now - He sleeps in his own room in a toddler bed.
Then - Had chubby cheeks.
Now - Has chubby cheeks.
(8 weeks)

Then - Had lots of black hair.
Now - Has light brown hair.

Then - Had lived in Nevada and Iowa.
Now - Has also lived in Utah; plus he's visited California, Massachusetts, Idaho, Arizona, New York, Oregon, and Colorado...and has put his toes in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
(4 months)

Then - We just fed him bottles.
Now - He feeds himself all sorts of food...but still loves his milk.
(5 months)

Then - Wore clothing several sizes large for his age.
Now - Wears clothing for his age or sometimes a little smaller.

Then - Had two teeth.
Now - Has all his teeth (just got his 2 year molars!).
(6 months)

Then - He was the sole focus of all our adoration and attention.
Now - He's still adored just as much, but shares some of the attention with his little brother now.

Then - Would smile, interact & play with anyone without reservations.
Now - Has a shy streak and sometimes takes a while to warm up to new people.
(9 months)

Then - Spikey hair
Now - Combed flat "big boy" hair

Then - Crawled.
Now - Runs.
(One year old)

Then - Still had blue eyes.
Now - Has hazel eyes - a greenish/brownish/amber color.

Then - Used sign language to communicate and could only say the word "Josh" (his uncle).
Now - Uses signs now more just for emphasis or clarification, and can verbalize new words each day.
(18 months old)

Then - Obsessed over all power tools, trucks, and helping dad with yardwork.
Now - Obsesses over all things cowboy (horses, hats, boots), Cars (on his bedding), Toy Story, Nemo (he pretends to be a turtle & calls the bath faucet cover a shark), and animals (particularly elephants).
So, our little guy is two years old now. We love you so much, Noah. You were the perfect answer to all of our dreams and prayers of becoming parents. We are so grateful to have you in our family, and we just adore your sweet, creative, spunky little personality. We're looking forward to this next year and to watching all the new ways that you'll learn and grow!

Friday, February 22, 2008


So, I have been trying really hard lately to slow down and enjoy some of the routine parts of the day that I normally rush through. Bedtime routine is one of those. It won't be forever that my little boy will want to sit on my lap to read books and sing songs. And I'm guessing it won't always thrill him to have mom brush teeth with him either. So, the other night we took an extra long time enjoying brushing our teeth!

I loved looking at Noah's little bare feet up on the stepping stool. I loved how much fun he had with a simple everyday event. And I loved how important it was to him that he do his task well. I loved how large he makes our small little sink look. And I loved looking at those pudgy fingers wrapped around his beloved Diego toothbrush.

When we started practicing the spitting part of brushing teeth I about fell over laughing at how funny Noah was. I love how seriously he took it, but I'm so glad he didn't hit his face on the sink! Take a look...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Sweetness.

Yes, I did LOVE that Mark surprised me and ordered my favorite chocolates for me - from a shop in Iowa. However, even sweeter than that for me was being able to spend some time with all three of my boys! And some other family too!
Yes, Mark was able to make a daytime cameo on Valentine's Day between shifts & we were also able to enjoy the benefit of living close to family during residency...grandparents from both sides of the family were able to drop by. Sweet! It was so nice to see everyone! Here is Noah playing with great-grandma Janet. He loves playing with her cane!

Our sweet little Lincoln's first Valentine's Day!

I think that Noah was pleased to get something sweet - what do you think?

So, what started out as a sweet little surprise for part of Mark's Valentine's Day turned into much more of a project than I had anticipated. I obviously need some serious tips from some more exprienced moms on how to do something like this while juggling more than one kid!
  • I made the dough in the morning & put it in the fridge to firm up...then had to quickly clean up things & hide all the decorating stuff once I found out that Mark was going to be able to come home for a while between shifts (to keep it a surprise).
  • After he left I started rolling out dough, and wrapping each heart gumdrop, and began the experiment of exactly where to place the skewer (if it was not placed well then the gumdrop would crack in half during baking).
  • Of course, going back and forth between a baby that needs to be held & nursed - and a toddler that demands various types of attention...and then only five or so skewered cookies fitting on the baking sheet at a time - this "sweet" little project turned into a several hour merathon (for me - the unexperienced baker, and someone still adjusting to juggling two kids anyway).
So! Finally, just after 10:00 at night, all the cookies were baked and cooled & I was able to quickly drizzle some of them with chocolate before Mark got home...

...and arrange them in a vase. One cookie for each year that I've known him. I love you, Mark!

Oh, and here are the boys in their new Valentine's Day hoodies...
Pretty sweet, huh?