Saturday, September 12, 2009


August 1st was the annual hike. Mark & two friends that he grew up with have a tradition of taking a hike somewhere together once a year (click here to see last year's). Sometimes it's a state high-point, but this year they did a local hike (and there are many great ones). They hiked Pfeifferhorn - the summit is 11,326 feet and the trip is about 10 miles round trip. A reasonable hike for the guys with bad knees, but challenging enough to be satisfying. They said that it was a beautiful hike with plenty of scenery to enjoy along the way (that's not always the case).

Here are the three (Ryan, Tom & Mark - left to right) not too far into the hike, with the ridge line in the background.

There were plenty of wildflowers along the way.

Tom & Mark running to each other through a field of flowers. I'd say the altitude had gotten to them, but I don't think that was it...

A shot back down Little Cottonwood Canyon

A view looking back at the ridge.

The "knife's-edge".

The steep final scramble to the peak.

The three guys on the summit. They said it was a nice view, it was warm, there were minimal bugs, and there was a squirrel scavenging for crumbs.

As is tradition now, all three of them brush their teeth at the summit. Seems like something that should be on a toothpaste commercial or something, huh? Anyway, Tom forgot his toothbrush so after Ryan was done brushing - Tom borrowed Ryan's toothbrush. Now, that's a true friend for ya'. Eew.

My handsome hubby on the summit.

And I'll end the post with this beautiful picture of Red Pine Lake that Mark took during their decent. Isn't that water pretty with the blue water & reflection of the mountain?
I'll be looking forward to seeing where you guys choose to go next year!


Jana said...

Beautiful and impressive! But what is the foot doc doing at the summit without his shoes on?

David/Dad/Doc said...

What a great tradition.

But no floss? (Sorry, but rarely is there ever a set up for a dental comment like this)

Camille said...

Dumb question... why do they brush their teeth at the top?? Looks like a fun, beautiful hike!