Monday, August 31, 2009

Bear Lake & Mom's Birthday

My mom is a Pioneer Day baby (as I mentioned last year on my blog), so often time her birthday is full of everyone else's celebrations too...parades, barbecues, fireworks. I'm sure that can be fun sometimes, and annoying others...but we're glad that it falls on a state holiday because the clinic Mark is rotating at was closed that day! So, we were able to join in on some family celebrations at Bear Lake. My mom's side of the family does a annual get together in the same place at Bear lake every Pioneer Day and we've never been able to go - so we were excited to be able to take the boys up this year!

Check out Lincoln's smile in this picture (you can click on it to enlarge it) - he was beyond excited to be there.

Immediately the boys sat down in the sand and played contently there for quite some time.

It was really windy, but that didn't seem to bother the boys...

Linc wasn't sure what he thought about wearing a life jacket at first...

...but I think that Noah thought his life jacket was some sort of space suit or something - he loved it.

Lincoln had absolutely no hesitation with heading out into the water - wind and waves included. The water was surprisingly warm though, especially for Bear Lake water.

I thought it was amusing to watch Lincoln balance himself in the water and wind though.

"Hi, Mom!!!"

Our little family of four after Mark & I went out on a boat with two of my uncles and cousins (we left the boys with my parents). The waves were huge though & it probably wasn't the best idea...but it was fun.

Noah building a sandcastle with his grandpa.

A quick clip of Lincoln toddling around in an inlet of water.

After we'd had enough of the wind and water we headed back up to "our" spot and the kids played in the sand some more.

After we drove back from Bear Lake we went to my parents house for my mom to open presents (since it was her birthday, after all)! We gave her this cute matching apron/oven mitt/hot pad set and some cookie cooling racks that she's been wanting.

After gift opening was done, Mark took the boys home and I joined my mom & Emily for dinner at the Red Iguana in Salt Lake (my favorite Mexican restaurant)! Yum. It was nice to just sit and chat. Thanks, ladies!
I hope you had a good birthday, Mom! We sure had a great day :) We love you!

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