Monday, August 31, 2009

Breaking Her In...

I got the chance to babysit my niece (Audrey) before they left town, which was lots of fun. When it came time to feed the three kiddos, nobody was very excited about things. So, I had to get a little bit creative. I found some sticks in the backyard and we had nuggets on a stick - it was a huge hit! (sorry C&C - hope you're ok with that) Everyone ate all of their lunch after that!

Lunch on a stick...

After lunch it was popsicle time!

Audrey & Noah. Aren't they sweet?

Audrey, Noah, Lincoln.
I joked that we were helping break Audrey in by hanging out with my boys. She can be such a quiet, dainty little girl (polar opposite of my boys)...and she's got a baby brother on the way! I think she'll do just fine - while I'm sure she'll always be dainty in some ways, she warmed up the idea of "boy play" after no time at all. We had lots of fun - hopefully we can do it again next time they're in town!

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Rhodenizer Family said...

Reminds me of the Iowa State Fair...isn't food always better on a stick?!