Monday, August 31, 2009

July Wrap Up

Now for the random stuff from July that didn't make it into a post already. During the summer we do lots of eating outside. The kids love it, and I love not cleaning up the mess. Plus, my parents gave Noah a kids picnic table for his 2nd birthday that has really come in handy. Anyway, these first few pictures are of my boys with Michael & Drew. The kids got hungry so I made them lunch to eat outside of course! We had our go-to lunch...good old PB&J, grapes, and juice boxes.

The boys eating lunch.

Noah & Michael.

Lincoln lovin' his juice. What a sweet smile, huh?

Oooooh, I just love that smug little mug.

Sometimes kids just like to scream for no reason at all:

This was another day with the kids at lunchtime. This time we were at Claire's house (Mark spotted this picnic table at a yard sale on his way to work and called for me to tell her - nice work, huh?). Anyway - it was my boys, the Donnellys, and the Nielsens (Zoey & Ezra). The kids played in the water, and then had pizza for lunch!

While living in Iowa for medical school we made some really great close friends. One of those families that we miss is the Merrills. While we lived in Iowa the Merrills consisted of Pete, Brittany and their two darling girls - and this spring they added a cute little boy to the mix! Baby Jett. He is so adorable and I could just squeeze has cute little cheeks right off! I was so glad that Brittany was able to come over with Jett and hang out while in town, and that they came with Pete & the girls on their way back to Arizona. It was so good to see you guys! Here's a picture of Brittany, Jett & Mr. Sock Monkey that I made for Jett.

Noah, Lincoln, Michael, and Zoey at the McAllister's house during a party that my friend Erin hosted.

Lincoln crashed on the couch with some crackers.

Noah in daddy's shoes.
Wahoo! Can I tell you how excited that I am to only be one month behind on blogging now?

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