Monday, August 31, 2009

Fat Cats

One of the last activities that we planned to do before Josh left was to go to Fat Cat's. If you don't know what that is, it's a pizza/bowling joint. They have really fun breadsticks too. Here's Lincoln mowing his down.

Me & Noah chowing down on ours...

And Josh & Emily goofing around while chomping on theirs.

After eating it was time to bowl. It was the boys first time bowling...what do you think, did Noah enjoy it? Yup! I have to mention...Noah struck this pose all on his own when I pulled out my camera. Such a cute little ham.

Me & Noah.

One thing that's really cool about this bowling alley is that the bumper rails (for kids), that keep the ball from going into the gutter, are automated to the appropriate bowler! So, when it was Noah's turn to bowl, they would drop down - and when his turn is over they automatically raise. Cool, huh? Lincoln just bowled a couple of times on our names though, and he used the rail guide to roll his ball. Here he is giving the ball a push for the first time.

And he loved it! Here he is on his tip-toes watching the ball roll down the lane.
Great idea, Josh! Thanks - we had fun! Oh, and a tip for everyone (in Utah) out there...we ordered Fat Cat's gift certificates on for half off! So, our $25.00 gift certificate only cost us $12.50 (yes, I have sweet math-skills). Just thought I'd pass that on though since I love that site!

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