Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Lagoon Day

Noah likes to point out Lagoon whenever we pass it on the freeway. We decided that since we're not taking a vacation this summer, that we'd do a couple of "staycation" type things around here - and that we'd include Lagoon on the list. So, while my brother & his family were in town we went! The first thing we did at the park was go to Lagoon-A-Beach! The kids loved it! I couldn't believe that Lincoln wouldn't part with his binky or his little Buzz Lightyear the entire time that we were there though.

Noah did not enjoy this little slide since it went under a waterfall, but Audrey & Lincoln sure did! We went down it with them a few times. One thing that cracked me up is that the most fun part for Lincoln seemed to be pretending that his Buzz Lightyear was flying while we went down the slide.

From left to right: Chelsey (isn't she a cute pregnant person?!), Audrey, Emily (Chelsey's sister), me & Lincoln (note him looking up at Buzz in his raised left hand).

My mom taking Noah down a little water slide. I think the unpredictability of water splashing bothered him - he wasn't really crazy about the slides.

My adorable niece Audrey & her dad (my brother) Chris.

Left to right: Me, Lincoln (with Buzz), Noah, Jana (my mom), Megan (Chelsey's sister), Chelsey, Audrey & Emily (Chelsey's sister).

So - Lincoln has been on rides at Disneyland, but it was before he could even walk & he certainly didn't "get it" like he does now. Anyhow, this was Lincoln's first ride that he's ever gone on all by himself! Good old Bulgy the whale. And I cannot even tell you how much he loved it. He was not at all sure what to expect until it started and he just immediately broke out into a huge smile that lasted the entire ride.

I mean, just look at that face...

Noah and Audrey were really cute too, sharing a whale and waving each time they came around.

I love Audrey's smile in this picture. Noah looks quite serious, but don't let it fool you - this was the one ride that he kept asking to go on over and over...and of course he loved it - it was the "space ship ride"!

Noah was too interested in checking everything out to wave at the camera...

I love Noah & Audrey's short little arms in the air in this picture!

Noah & Lincoln driving their car. I can't believe how close in size they are already...

You've got to love my spastic brother Chris screaming with his hands up in the air. Mark is in front of him making sure Lincoln was ok with this faster ride, and I'm behind Chris - and Noah was NOT ok with this faster ride. Poor Noah was pretty scared.

Of course you'd never know that the ride was too scary for Noah by watching the boys walk off the ride. Noah didn't look shaken at all - in fact he had a little bit of a strut in his step, as if he'd just done something pretty dang cool.


This ride was fun to watch because you could tell that the kids enjoyed the feeling of independence at being able to man their own ship and can forget that someone else is sharing the same craft as you when you're back to back, right?




All three kiddos rode on the same helicopter on this one. I love how Noah and Audrey are intently holding on...ready & waiting. Then Lincoln is looking around, grinning, and hanging his leg out of the ride.

There's something nostalgic about the baby boats to me, and I was excited to see my little guys take a ride in them. However, it was getting to be toward the end of the day and the kids got pretty anxious having to wait so long in line (this was probably the longest wait of the kiddie rides...or at least it felt like it). Once they finally got into their boats things were pretty cool though. There was a bell to ring, and a wheel to steer.

Here's where my complaint comes in though...there was only one attendant operating this ride, and it's a ride with lots of very young children that require lots of help getting into their boats, getting their seat belts tightened, etc. By the time that our kids had waited for the attendant to help several other boats they began to get impatient. Noah and Audrey began contending over who got to ring the bell...

...and Lincoln flat out decided that he'd had enough waiting and wriggled out of his seat belt and bailed out of the boat. It's good that we had people watching because the one attendant that was working the ride was oblivious, so I had to sprint in through the rides exit and grab him.

Things kept getting worse for all three of them, so we tried mixing things up and moving Lincoln to the front boat with Noah and Audrey to the other boat. As you can see, that didn't necessarily solve anything...

Luckily once the boat ride began the kids had a good time, but that was Audrey's last ride before heading home and so we snapped a group photo by the shoe. When Chris & I were young and had season passes, the shoe was always our meeting place or "home base" - so that seemed an appropriate picture spot to me! From left to right: Our family, Mom & Dad, Josh & Emily, and Chris' family. We were just missing Matt (who's in Colorado for work)!
We have no pictures of the boys on the bumper cars (that ride was next for them) because it was even a bigger crying fiasco. However, after that Lincoln laid back in the stroller and went to sleep and Noah made a buddy in Emily's nephew Dillan (who came with Emily's mom). Noah & Dillan really hit it off & became cute little buddies, and they were sad when they had to part at the end of the night. Too bad Dillan lives in California!

Thanks everyone for a fun day & night! And thanks, Mom for taking the boys the last part of the night so that Mark & I could go on some of the big-kid rides!

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Leslie said...

Looks like fun. I haven't been to lagoon in a long time. Glad the boys enjoyed the rides.