Monday, August 31, 2009

Cousins & Chickens

Mark's parents babysat 4 of their other grandchildren (Mark's older brother's kids) for a few days during July - so we took our boys up there to hang out with their cousins. Mont raises chickens, so he got them out for the grandkids to see. This cool chicken was my favorite - don't you just love his sweet mohawk?

Zach with Mr. Mohawk chicken.

Jake and the funny looking bald-headed chicken.

Ava with the chicken too.

For some reason Mark told Lincoln to kiss the chicken. First of all, I'm surprised Linc went ahead and did it. Second of all, I was nervous that the chicken was going to peck Lincoln's cute little face...luckily it didn't. (What is it with Mark having the boys kiss animals? He did it when we went fishing too.)

Noah thought the whole thing was pretty silly. He did make it very clear that he would not be kissing the chicken though.

One of the chickens flapped its wings while Noah was holding it, and it scared him really badly. So, that's why he's not in this picture. Here are the rest of the boys though! Grandpa Mont, Mark, Lincoln, Zach, Spencer & Jake.

Time for bubbles!
Thanks M&M for a nice, relaxing visit! We had a great time.

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