Thursday, February 28, 2013

Noah's first day of school.  First day of 1st grade...first day of school all day...first day at a new school...first day in the French immersion program.  Big day for our sweet Noah.

First of all, here's Noah enjoying his delicious first day of school breakfast courtesy of his awesome dad.

Now for a bunch of front door/front porch photos with the backpack and lunch bag...

I had to let Noah choose at least one pose...

Lincoln wanted in on one.  Why not?  A brothers' photo...

I'm guessing I was making some sort of potty-joke to get a smile like that.  I love little boys.

Such a sweet, sweet boy.  The beginning of a new year is such a combination of emotions, but most of all it's so exciting.  I'm grateful to be part of all this little boy is able to learn and experience.

Noah in front of his new school (he transferred here to be able to participate in their French immersion program)...

Noah at his desk!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Noah's party planning show


Noah (6 years old) asked for me to film him making a party planning show one day.  I loved it.  (It's in two parts).  My favorite part is when he "accidentally" picks up the play banana instead of the phone.  You can tell he is so pleased with his wit:


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

August 2012 Wrap Up

8/5/12 Noah lightsaber "fighting" with Max already:

8/9/12 Fro-yo with the boys
 Later that night, Linc was tired...

8/11/12 Mark and the two bigger boys at a monster truck rally with some neighbor friends.  They'd never done that before...

8/14/12 A couple clips from Boondocks.  The first one is super short, but I love how Lincoln is cranking the "wheel" on the car...

And this game/ride is almost as much fun to watch someone ride as it is to ride yourself...

8/18/12 Linc's turn for a Bees game with Grandpa.  After a while, Linc got pretty tired...

 But he woke up to enjoy the firework show (this is him admiring the fireworks, not sleeping)!

 Fun night with Grandpa!

8/21/12 All the siblings and Dad at the Real game!  Mark had just gotten home from his crazy hike and his leg was still super swollen and painful, but he toughed it out and came anyway.

8/23/12  Picture from the playplace at McDonald's.  I love this picture, and Max's expression is priceless.

 8/28/12  Obviously at some point I will have to stop taking pictures of some things in my boys' dental appointments.  They're just still so cute all small in those big chairs.  Here's Linc...

And Noah...

8/29/12  Lovin' our local splash pad!

And later that day it was off to Noah's soccer game.  Such a dude.

Noah with his buddy Isaac.

And then that night I took this clip of Max.  He's barely 14 months old here, and I love hearing him say "mama" and "mommy"...and watching his little signs (like this one indicating that he hears something):

Monday, February 25, 2013

Zoo day!

August 31, 2013

We had a fun day at the zoo with our friends Natalie and Gabe.  First of all, the boys got all excited about finding clothes to theme for the occasion (yes, they are my children)...

Here we are just heading in.  Max wasn't sure about this whole hat thing.

But he was happy to be out and about... 

All four of the boys...

Max.  Love that little monkey.




This using a map thing is serious stuff...

Love, love, love our zoo's polar bear...

By way of documentation, I should note that it was at the end of our zoo trip that we ate lunch and I gave Max peanut butter for the first time (at 14 months).  He immediately broke out into welts all over his face and body and became quite lethargic.  It was really strange and disconcerting.  I called Mark and he told me to keep an eye on his breathing and call 911 if there was any concern there, but to go home and give him some children's Bendryl.  We kept him away from peanuts after that, and later after testing he was confirmed to have a severe peanut allergy. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Noah lost his first tooth!

August 27, 2012

Noah wanted to pull his tooth on his own at first, but after several minutes of rolling film of him trying to psych himself up and pull it on his own he finally folded and let me do it.  I love how he keeps muttering, "What the....?  What the...?"

Now for the photos.
From showing the loose tooth...all the way to showing his tooth in his "ugly doll" tooth fairy pillow before bed.

He's getting so big so fast.  Time, please slow down!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gabe's birthday party

August 18, 2012

My friend Natalie's cute son Gabe had his birthday party at the children's museum in Salt Lake.  They went with a superhero theme.  It was such a cute party and everyone had a great time!  Here are my 3 little superheros as we arrived at the party.

Making superhero masks...

Cute little party favors...

The cake!

...and the cupcakes!  It wasn't much, but I volunteered to make these little cupcake toppers (I simply bought the digital image from Cupcake Express online and then printed, cut, and assembled them).

Noah into the theme (as always)...

 The kids lining up to be taken out to their little superhero obstacle course...

14 month old Max.

Here are a couple video clips from the obstacle course.  I love that Lincoln just says exactly what he's thinking...while frustrated with this part of the course he blurts out, "This is not fun at all".  (Of course he had a wonderful time, that's just how he felt at the moment)

Fun with the obstacle course:

Here is Lincoln marching to the beat of his own drum as he often does.  He was having a blast though.

Time for birthday cake and presents!

As you may have noticed in the background of the previous photos, Max was still in the stroller.  Sorry, buddy.

Posing with the workers/party leaders...

Me and my super heroes.
Thanks for inviting us to your super-party! :)