Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Firestation #5

Over the last 6 months or so Noah has been really into fires & firefighters. So, he was pretty excited when our PIM playgroup made a visit to one of our local fire stations! Noah likes to pretend that his rain jacket and rain boots are firefighter gear, so of course he insisted on wearing them (along with his firefighter hat) to the fire station. The firemen (there weren't women at this station) were very kind and accommodating for us in giving us a tour of their home/workplace!

First they explained about the fire engines and let the kids sit up in them. Noah was naturally ecstatic about this!

Lincoln loved it too - and he insisted that his firehat was to be worn backwards. He was so fascinated with "driving" the fire truck that I couldn't even get him to look over at me for a quick photo.

Here are Noah and Michael, with the other kids, listening to the firefighters talk about their job.

Noah was very serious and intent on absorbing all the information the fireman was telling. (And aren't Drew & Michael's costumes cute?)

Here the fireman was demonstrating an alarm the firefighters can use if they are in need of help themselves...

Linc was quite a handful at the station (unusual, I know). He kept running away from the rest of the group & just really kept me on my toes. Here he is sitting on the back of one of the engines.

Noah sitting on a firefighter's knee. As excited as he was about everything, he was also a bit shy. You can kind of see that here in his adorable shy-grin...it's like that slightly embarrassed feeling people get when they finally meet someone they really admire :)

Lincoln checking out the fireman before climbing up to sit in the engine.

The kids (and a few necessary adults to keep the younger ones in place) in front of one of the engines. When someone was trying to get the kids to look at the camera they asked, "What does a fire truck say?" to which Noah immediately began to loudly respond "Neee-ner, neee-ner, neee-ner!!" (firetruck sound European-style courtesy of Fireman Sam...see previous post here).

We had a great tour of the station. We were so appreciative of what they do for our community, and also for how great the firemen of station #5 were with our kids!

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Jana said...

I love Noah's cute intent little face! Looks like a fun trip.