Thursday, November 4, 2010


I don't know if I mentioned that Noah's little 6 guy soccer team chose the name "The Eagles" for their team name - much to Noah's he had been talking about hoping they'd be "The Tigers" for weeks (and I was shocked that he even boldly raised his hands to suggest it). His first lesson in learning to be a good sport, right? Anyway, October 2nd was Noah's first soccer game. He was pretty stoked about getting all dressed up in his uniform. I'm pretty sure that he thought of it more as a costume than anything else though. When I went to take a picture of him before the game he insisted on this pose first (from behind, with hands on hips, to show off his number). He told me that if he could take that picture and an action shot (shown below) that he'd do a nice smile too. Fair enough. I just think that it's pretty cute that Noah would even think to care to get a shot showing his number, or an action shot for that matter...

And a quick shot with a "nice smile"...

Here is Noah's team, minus one player, following their coach out onto the field to "warm up".

Coach Tim and Coach Justin giving the boys a pep talk. Notice Joey wearing sunglasses (awesome), Carter trying to hold both his friends' hands (so cute), and Noah copying the stance of Coach Justin (hilarious).

After Mark and I watched how well Noah did with their little drills at his first practice, we were surprised with how timid he was when it came to game time. He doesn't like to get in with the action (as you can see below). He certainly isn't going to take the ball away from someone, and if the ball ends up in front of him he's more likely to let someone else take "their turn" first. He's such a sweet little guy, and over the last few months he's developed even a bit more of a shy streak. I'm so glad that the kids on his team are all nice and that the coaches are so patient and great with the boys. I'm not sure if things will change as Noah gets older, or if soccer/team sports just won't be his thing...

Lincoln (with Gatorade stained tongue) and Mark cheering for Noah...

Me & Linc.

Joey, Carter, and Noah cheering on their other 3 teammates while they are subbed out.

Finn, Carter, Noah and Finn's older brother (Max?) holding the team sign during the game.

Telling the other team good game.

This little parent tunnel thing was new to me (or I just don't remember it from when I was really young), but the kids love running through it.

Noah's favorite part of soccer...the treats.
So, as time has gone on Noah has expressed that he doesn't want to play soccer. He said he just wants to wear his uniform and go watch...and then play on the playground afterward. We've tried to explain to him that we put him on the team because he begged to play, that his teammates are counting on him for a few more weeks, but that he doesn't have to sign up next season. I think this feeling would have been even more pronounced if he'd been placed on some of the more aggressive teams that we've played (I'm shocked at the skill of some of these 4 year olds!). Our team hasn't scored a goal yet (not counting an own-goal) in 5 games, and Noah isn't the only kid on our team that's expressed disinterest in playing sometimes. He may be the only one that has flown around the field like an eagle though...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go, Jazz!

Mont, Noah & Mary giving a posed cheer for the Jazz after we arrived at the game (against the Suns!) back on October 14th. In all the years of Jazz games that I've attended, I don't ever recall being nearly 1/2 hour early to a game (except maybe a playoff game where it's packed & crazy). It was really nice to be in my seat relaxing before the team even took the court. A huge thanks to my dad for getting these tickets to this pre-season game while we were in town. Maybe some day we'll become Phoenix Suns fans, but I can't imagine we'll ever be cheering for them when they play the Jazz.

A picture of our family while the teams were warming up down on the court.

A shot of Lincoln protesting that the music and announcer were too loud...

...until Linc realized he was being photographed - then he had to give his mom a big ol' smooch for the camera. Such an affectionate little guy.

Mary & Mont with Noah.

My parents with Noah.

Time for the national anthem. Right before Lincoln took my hand in this picture, he looked around and put both of his hands on his chest (not sure why everyone else had their hand on their chest).

Mark with Linc as the game got started...

This was Lincoln's first NBA game (Noah has been to several Jazz games), and both boys enjoyed themselves. Let's be honest though...what is the highlight of a game to most 2 & 4 year olds?...the food! So, between a couple trips for snacks and a potty break for Noah - my sweet husband was back and forth down our row (and all those stairs) several times. Thankfully between all of us we took up the whole row. Anyway, I had to snap a quick shot of Mark (with Linc on his shoulders) returning from one of those jaunts.

Noah digging into his hot dog!

Lincoln chowing down on pizza.

While Linc was finishing up the last of his pizza, a took a quick clip asking him a couple questions:

Mary & Mont with Lincoln (and his BIG cheeser) after the game. Jazz 108, Suns 97!
Thanks to both of our parents for coming to the game with us! What a fun way to close out our visit to Utah!