Friday, August 21, 2009

June Wrap Up

Wahoo! We're to the end of June's pictures. Maybe I'll make it through summer's posts before fall is here. Anyway, this is a random collection and I'll start with the trampoline at my parents' house. That thing has been around for a really long time, but it still is lots of fun! The kids aren't big/heavy enough, or brave enough to do themselves or each other any damage on the trampoline (unless one of them walks underneath it), so that's good too.

Here's a clip of Chris jumping with Noah & Audrey.

Happy 19th birthday, Josh! (not that you're reading this, since you're in the MTC!) And I'm glad that you like my favorite dessert so that mom would make it for your birthday. Yummm!

What do you think that is in Noah's hair? I didn't know either when he walked up to me...until I touched it. Pomade. Lots & lots of greasy, waxy pomade. Not part of the regular potty-time bathroom routine, buddy.

Our two little Buzz Lightyear groupies "flying" on our furniture...Noah just a bit more intensely.

I don't remember what Noah was pretending to be, but I had to include this picture because it was pretty funny. Goggles on the face, and firefighter hat & basket liner on the head. Yeah, I dunno.

This clip of Lincoln cracked me up. He's just standing there eating and then he walks himself right into the sprinkler & it sprays him in the face. His expression is pretty funny.

Lincoln making crazy faces while wearing Drew's swim goggles.
That's all she wrote!

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