Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Idaho Excursion

Back at the beginning of June we were able to attend our biennial family getaway to Idaho. My dad's side of the family has started a new tradition of going to this Cub River Guest Ranch every other summer, and we've loved it! Both years my aunt Joyce has organized it and done such a fantastic job. Everything from the invitations, to the activities, to the food has been wonderful. One of the things to do up at there is to swim in the pool. This wasn't Lincoln's first time swimming, but it may as well have been since he obviously couldn't remember anything (I assume) from last summer when he was only a few months old. That kid has no fear. I told him to go jump in the water to his dad...

...and so there he went!

Still smiling as he went into the water!

Here's a quick clip of one of his jumps.

Noah, on the other hand, was much more reserved. After 10 minutes of refusing to jump to Mark poolside, we coaxed him into trying it off the ladder. Once he was in the water he was even less enthusiastic since the water was so cold. In my little boy's defense though - the water that fills the pool comes directly from a mountain stream. It's not heated or treated in any way, so it is very cold. That's why I didn't take a dip myself. Anyway, here's Noah's entrance to the pool...

Noah wasn't thrilled to be in the water, but he was the one who had been begging and begging for us to take him swimming as soon as we got there...

Mark with the boys.

The only place inside the pool that Noah seemed to think wasn't half bad was sitting on this ladder. He was convinced that the water was "warm here, but cold there" (pointing out to the rest of the pool)...

My cousin Heidi's son Tristan came and hung out with Noah for a while & Noah loved it. I don't remember what solicited this funny expression of Noah's, but I couldn't help but include it in the post.

Lincoln absolutely loved the pool. The only thing he liked better than swimming in the water with his dad, was jumping into the pool - over & over.

Telling Linc that swimming time was over didn't go over very well, but once his grandma had him all wrapped up in a Buzz Lightyear towel he seemed to relent.

Due to Mark being unable to take any work off during June or July (non of the residents in his program can), we were only able to go up Saturday-Sunday. We were glad that we went though, and we had a great time. Some of the things (other than the swimming) that stick out in my mind from the weekend are:
  • The fun jungle theme of everything, starting with the cute jungle animal book invitations for the event. Everyone's family was asked to represent an animal for the weekend, and the four of us chose to be a herd of elephants. It was so fun to have Noah do his elephant sound at "roll call"!
  • The family auction (that funds the subsequent family gathering there). We're still enjoying Joyce's yummy freezer jam that we bought & I can't wait to get Candace's print that we bought framed.
  • Noah ringing the bell & calling everyone to meals. That was his job, and he fulfilled it with gusto.
  • Both boys sleeping through the night even though all four of us were in the same room. Wahoo! (we weren't counting on that happening)
  • Noah getting that horrible goose egg on his forehead (with a deep line in it where it hit a bunk-bed) when he fell while chasing with the cousins downstairs. The line in his forehead is shrinking, but it's still there and trying to finish healing.
  • Lincoln doing his "free-fall" off the step into the front room (and laughing after falling on his face). Luckily it was only two steps & was carpeted. He also learned how to walk forwards down steps for the first time there.
  • The mountain goat that came down the mountainside behind our cabin.
  • Lincoln taking to Victoria as she entertained him for us.
  • And lastly - our family waking up well before everyone else (due to Linc & Noah of course). So we took the boys on an early morning walk to keep them from waking everyone else up. We had a really fun little walk though, and it was one of my favorite memories of the trip. We looked at worms, the boys stomped in puddles, and we even saw a rooster crowing up in a tree.
Here are a few pictures from our little walk.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend, everyone! We love you all!

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k. double-u. said...

Yay! We loved that trip. It's always so good to see you. And Noah was right: the pool was COLD.