Friday, July 31, 2009

May Wrap Up (finally)

This is our second year joining the soccer club (for kids 5 and under) with the Partners in Medicine organization that I'm involved with. This picture is of Owen (who is just a few weeks older than Linc) and Lincoln strapped into our stroller to keep them nearby during soccer. Things have sure changed over the last 2 months with them though - they both seem to enjoy kicking around a soccer ball now - and occasionally putting a cone on their head of course. Snack time still reigns supreme as the best part of soccer for all of the kids though, I think.

Noah at "soccer practice".

Noah kickin' a goal. Notice Zoey (wearing a skirt, of course) - Noah says that she is "his girl".

The boys love running around with the back of their shirt or pj's over their head like this. This time Lincoln was having a heard time with his balance...I'm not sure why I find that so amusing, but I do...

I figured that I'd throw in a token snapshot of the dining set we've been refinishing. So far we have one chair (on the left in this picture) and our round claw foot kitchen table done. We bought them several months ago at a garage sale and they are nice solid wood. We enjoy the new color much more than the way they used to look. Now if we can just get the other chairs done someday...

Noah playing doctor with his dad. When Mark brings home a surgery cap Noah loves to throw on a scrub top (which is like a dress on him) and pretend to be Dr. Noah with his daddy.

I had to include this clip for two reasons. #1: Because it's just a reality that kids aren't always sweet, darling, and compliant. #2: Because somehow hearing him say "no" (he had just learned) with that intent look in his eye is still pretty cute.

A quick clip of Lincoln gettin' his groove on.

Noah actually asked me to take this picture. No way do I ever say no to my child requesting that his photo be taken, even if there is no occasion. You're so sweet, Noah. I love you.

OK, so don't mind the Santa pajamas...I had to snap a picture of this cute sleepyhead. Sometimes Lincoln will get out of bed and play in his room until he eventually falls asleep. Sometimes that ends up being on his bed, and sometimes it's on the recliner like this (clutching his Buzz of course).
At least I got May finished up before August was here (tomorrow). Whew.

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