Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stomp rocket

12/9/11  Yes...this really was December (in Utah).  Warmest Utah winter I ever remember.  Anyway!  Lincoln got this stomp rocket from my parents (thank you!) a few weeks prior for his birthday.  I thought I would document its initiation.

Here are a few video clips of the boys figuring the thing out.  The first try that I filmed was a dud, but I have to include it because it cracks me up.  Lincoln is standing there posing (not understanding that the camera I'm using is filming instead of taking still shots) and his cute/funny little "yeahh" has to be documented for the day when it is oh so different than it was here at barely 4 years old...


"This is amazing":

You have to watch this one just for Noah in the background...

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