Monday, October 15, 2012

August 2011 wrap up

The first time that we opened up the door to the basement and saw this it cracked us up...after a while we began to anticipate it.  At night we (Mark and I) would go upstairs to Chris and Chelsey's area of the house to watch a show with them and have a treat before going to bed.  Lincoln would sneak up the stairs from the basement and wait on the top stair until he fell asleep.  Poor little 3 year old.

This is more of an archive shot that is fun to have now that the house is done and grass is in.  We took this back in early August when we were still in the negotiating stages of buying the home. We should have taken the picture from further back since there were two empty lots next to our house that now have homes on them too!  Even though we didn't build our home from the ground up (and choose all the details of our home) like most of our neighbors did, we feel really lucky to have a home that we enjoy so much.  And even though red wouldn't have initially been my first's really grown on me and I love it now.

Just some quick shots taken at my parents' house on August 6th:

It was really cute how enthralled Lincoln was with Audrey reading to him.

Zach, Linc, Ava & Noah at Mont and Mary's house.

Aunt Janelle holding Max.

Aunt Chelsey with her magic touch getting Max to sleep.  She taught us the wonder that these baby baby wraps do for colicy babies - thank you, Chels!

Uncle Josh holding Max.

Just a shot of Max and his daddy after church.

Mark and Max enjoying the weather outside at  Mark's parents' house.

The next few pictures are from an afternoon at the park with my boys and my mom.

I just love Max's little cinnamon roll belly button.

Ezra, Noah & Linc enjoying a smoothie on the back porch.

Max just chubbin' with daddy.

I like this series of pictures.  They look like photos that should have captions (and I love this little outfit that my mom bought for him when he was born)!

Of course when I do a little photo session with the baby, Lincoln wants his picture taken too.  So here were his requests for photos, some pictures with Woody and Buzz...

 And then a couple shots with some of the cars that he lined up (I remember my brother Chris doing that with these cars)...

This blurry shot was included because it was the first time that I was actually able to document Lincoln's wandering eye.  Nobody else had seen it and even his pediatrician checked him and said he had no problem, but I made an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist anyway.  Sure enough, he ended up needing a strong prescription (and now patching also) to help correct Strabismus in his right eye.  We've avoided surgery however thus far! 

Noah loving on his baby brother.

Just a random clip of Max...because sometimes you forget that when they are that little, that they have those short quick breaths and jerky movements.  Sweet little boy. 

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