Monday, October 15, 2012

September (2011) wrap up

Angry birds was all the rage with these kiddos at the time.  If we needed just a few more minutes to finish getting dinner ready to eat together, sometimes this was just the ticket:

Lincoln really does love his baby brother.

Miss Audrey started soccer.  How cute is she?  Good thing they even had pink uniforms!

The day our sod went in!

My Grandpa Paul's funeral was the same day that we took possession of our new home.  It was a difficult day, but nice to be surrounded with family.  My sweet friend Allison watched Max and Lincoln while we attended the funeral and luncheon with Noah, and then we met up with her to get the boys and take all of them to the graveside service.  Afterwards, everyone went to Farr's Ice Cream together.  Grandpa would have approved.  In fact, I know exactly what story he would have told...the one about when they took us out for ice cream when I was little, and to be funny Grandpa told me (loud enough for other patrons to hear) that if I ate my ice cream all gone that he'd get me a treat!

Just a few little snapshots of Max in his little ipod onsie.  Rachel and Ryan gave that to one of the other boys (Lincoln maybe?).  Cute.

Just working for some smiles from our little guy.

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