Thursday, October 18, 2012

October (2011) Wrap Up

10/3/11 - just because Max looked cute propped up on our chair...

 10/4/11 - like father like son.

This cute clip of Noah is in memory of my grandpa Paul :)

Noah playing with Max.

Because it's always fun to get a baby to smile...

 10/10/11 We had a family night lesson on sharing and service and then took little baskets of produce (all of which we had picked at Mark's parents' house) around to all of our new neighbors to introduce ourselves.  It was a lot of fun.

10/14/11 Witches Night Out at Gardner Village with some of the "witches" on our street!  Sydney, Sheri, Brighton, Me, Leah G., Jen & Erin.

10/16/11  My parents with Max.

10/17/11 Max wearing his spider hat.

10/22/11  Mark hung this awesome swing in our backyard using a table-top and some rope.  We love it!  (Notice our awesome hadn't had it's first cut yet after being laid)

Noah giving the swing a try...he was quite nervous, which is funny to watch now since you can swing the kids as high as you can now and they don't flinch!

10/26/11  Noah, Lincoln, Harrison.

10/26/11  Oh how I love Max's dimple.

 10/27/11 Lincoln, Noah, Isaac.

10/28/11  The kids got to wear their Halloween costumes to school.  Here is Noah with two of his good kindergarten friends Mack & Rachel.

Noah with his teacher Mrs. Burton.

We were invited to a birthday party of a preschool classmate of Lincoln's.  So cute!  With her birthday so close to Halloween, they themed the party around the season.  First they decorated these bad boys...

 Then they used these Halloween buckets to collect loot from the pinata - such a cute idea.

Noah wearing part of the broken pinata on his head (and some sweet glasses he got at the party too):

10/29/11 The Saturday before Halloween our church does a chili cook-off followed by a trunk or treat.  The kids looked so cute running all around in their costumes.  Linc and Gabe were playing around and I had to snatch this shot while Gabe was sporting his darling pout...I don't remember what it was about, but that kid can pull the best pouty face ever - so cute.

Max got pretty used to crashing while being worn in my Moby Wrap :)

 This baby loves his daddy:

And lastly, right on Halloween we made a visit to my grandma's house to show her the kiddos in their costumes:
Ta-da!  And that's a wrap for my favorite month of the whole year.

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