Thursday, October 25, 2012

November (2011) wrap up

These first two clips were taken on 11/1/11.  They are just of the boys interacting with Max (who was just over 4 months old at the time).  The first clip is of Lincoln and Max.  I find it amusing that Max not only tolerates Lincoln's nonsense, but seems to enjoy it...

And now Noah...who is apparently not camera shy.

11/4/11  We took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese.  The boys solved the dilemma of wanting to play the car video games, but not being quite tall enough...

Noah taking a turn too...

11/5/11  We celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday.  She really is the most beautiful 80 year old that I've ever seen.  As the banner below says...she's always been beautiful though.  I remember even as a child being proud of how pretty my grandma was...silly or not, I really did feel that way!

My grandma with her sisters.

Opening gifts...

Time to blow out those candles!

My grandparents and their posterity (at the time anyway...more have been added since then).

This is a really random clip of Lincoln (almost 4 years old) and Noah (5 1/2 years old) playing.  I just found it amusing so I had to include it.

11/25/11 Mark and the boys were doing some leaf clean up and I had to snap a picture or two.  Max sure loved that Moby Wrap...and I sure love his chubby cheeks just hanging there like that.

Noah was pleased as can be about the job of getting down into the window wells to blow out the leaves.

11/26/11  Two days after Thanksgiving and we were ready to jump into the Christmas we headed to the mall to let the boys sit on Santa's lap!  Here are a couple of pictures that I snapped first though:

All 3 boys with Santa.

During the school year the kindergarteners (Noah) are paired with a 6th grade "buddy" to regularly do assignments/activities.  This letter to Santa was dictated by Noah and written by his buddy.  A little longer wish list than last year when the only thing he asked for was a "red big boy bike".

11/28/11 Noah and Max.

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