Wednesday, October 17, 2012


(October 21, 2011)
We had a really great outing at Cornbelly's with Audrey & Ezra!  The kids even wore their costumes for the first while.  So much fun!

Here is, Audrey:

Vampire Ezra (his dad was totally a blond little vampire once as a kid too)...

Lincoln as Buzz Lightyear for yet another year:

Noah in his much anticipated Darth Vader costume (man does that kid love costumes):

And mommy's little piggie...Max!
Also, Max is only 2 days shy of 4 months old here. His stats were:
19 lbs 4 oz (98th %), 27.3" (98th %), head 17.6 " (95th %)

 A whole bunch of shots of the cousins:

And adding in the little pig (man that sun was bright too)...

I cannot even tell you what a lifesaver this Moby Wrap was for me (and my back) while Max was so young...and Max loved it.

Such a cute little vampire.

"Rapunzel, rapunzel...let down your golden hair!"

Yes, friends...that is all corn kernels.

A quick family picture as we left Cornbelly's (Lincoln was really trying to oblige us and Max was sooo done).  Thanks to my mom, and Chelsey with her kiddos, for coming with us!  We had a blast!

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