Friday, October 12, 2012

Noah started Kindergarten!

August 23, 2011 was Noah's Kindergarten roundup day.  Here he is outside the school:

We went and saw where his classroom was...and found his name on the board:

We met his teacher and classmates, did a little craft, and had a little orientation.  Pretty much the regular stuff that you'd expect...
 ...except his teacher gave a heartfelt little speech about the kids and read a children's book to us that had my bawling like a baby.  No fair to catch parents off guard like that...I was saving all those mushy feelings for the first day of school!  Nonetheless...kindergarten roundup went well and got Noah all prepped for the big day one week later!

So the 29th was his official first day of school.  Here he is at the driveway curb of where we were staying at the time...big boy backpack on and all.

This pose was all his doing, and I loved it.

Noah was assigned to afternoon Kindergarten, so instead of a first day of school breakfast, he got to pick a first day of school lunch.  And the kid wanted McDonalds.  So!  Next stop was McDonalds where we met up with Mark's parents who were kind enough to watch Max & Linc while Mark and I ran Noah over to his first day of school together.

Noah in front of his new school.

Have to hurry so we won't be late!...

Noah's teacher greeting the students while they are lined up to go in to school.

Noah was such an endearing mix of excited and nervous.  After a whirlwind out of state move, now enrolling in a new school where he didn't know anyone, and now his first day of "real" school...I think you can see a little tiny bit of the nervous side in his little wave right before walking in to school:

After school we was over we grabbed a slurpee and headed to my parent's house enjoy it and talk about Noah's first big day at school!

How adorable is he?!

And, while this last photo wasn't taken for several more weeks...since this is kind of like THE kindergarten post, it seems like a good place to put a copy of his school picture from that school year:
We love you, Noah!

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