Friday, October 12, 2012

Max 2 months

So I'm working past the "I'm such a bad mom" thing for not having documented anything for Max his first year.  Yes, his baby book is still in the plastic, unopened.  However, I am trying to remember that he is after all...still a baby!  Not even 16 months old.  So I'm going to start now and catch up with what I can.  So, please ignore the lack of specific, endearing details in some of the upcoming posts as I play catch up.  Here's what I've got:

My memories of Max at 2 months consist of lots of lessons from my sweet SIL Chelsey on how to wrap, swaddle, and bounce a baby with colic (her medicine ball was a life-saver).  The poor baby was gassy and you could tell was hurting, but nothing the doctor gave us helped and mostly that time was a sleep deprived fog of exhaustion.  I know there were some happy moments in there (another good reason to take pictures), but mostly I just remembered being tired, tired, tired.  If only we would have known that a month later you would start sleeping, Max!  That sure would've helped!

Anyhow!  At two months Max was 16 lbs 4 oz (99th %), 25" (95th %), head 16.5 " (85th %).  Here are a couple of pictures that I took right on the day he turned 2 months.  The first picture is of him doing what we call just chubbin'.

You've got to love that dimpled grin.

I have to smirk at the look on Max's face.  Anyone who knows Lincoln knows that he can be a bit intense with emotions and not always great at impulse control.  So, ever since Max was born he has kind of gotten in his face and loved on him a bit too much.  Max looks like he's keeping a close eye on him already in this picture...

Your brothers sure do love you, Max.  And so do your dad & I.

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