Monday, October 15, 2012


(September 10, 2011)
We had a pet spider once.  For a minute.  Ok, it was for 2 days to be exact - and he lived in a jar in the garage.

While Chris and Chelsey lived in their rental home they had some run ins with catching interesting critters, including a bat and...a tarantula.  The kids were really excited about catching the spider (me, not so much).  Mark obliged and borrowed a ladder from a neighbor to catch it and put it into a jar!

And we shall call you Harry (or Sammy, depending on which kid you ask).

Noah wanted to take it for show and tell, but we found out that anything that "breathes and pees" can't come for show and tell.  So, we just made a fun goodbye party out of his release back into the wild.  Chris and Mark drove a little further up onto the mountain and found a good place to say goodbye to Harry. 

Run, Harry, run!

Once back at home it was time to make cuter (and more edible) little Harry the spiders.

Thanks for the memories, Harry.

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