Sunday, January 20, 2013

Toy Story on Ice with Lincoln!

We try to rotate giving the boys one-on-one time every now and then.  Sometimes it's just with one parent and sometimes we both get to go.  This time it was both of us with Lincoln!  I found out about a book drive in Salt Lake that if you were one of the first certain number of people in line to donate that you could get free tickets to Toy Story on Ice.  Luckily Noah had afternoon kindergarten, so the morning of the book drive I packed all 3 boys up nice and early and we went down to donate some books!  In classic Holly fashion, we didn't make it as early as I would've liked and we ended up being the VERY last people in line that got the free tickets before they ran out.  Whew!

So, when the big night (3/8/12) rolled around we were all really excited!  First we went out to eat at Lincoln's favorite restaurant...Noodles.
Mac 'n' cheese with lime (green is his favorite color) soda.


Linc got to pick one treat/souvenir.  Who wouldn't want a snow cone in a giant Buzz head?

It is such a relaxing experience to take just one child out to do something fun and to be able to focus on just them.  While I'm so grateful that the boys have siblings (each other), it's also so nice to be able to focus on each thing that one child says and watch their reactions and facial expressions that much more closely.  We loved spending the night with you, Lincoln, and we love you!

Here is a quick clip of the army men and then a clip of Lincoln watching various characters make their entrance...

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