Friday, January 25, 2013

April 2012 Wrap Up

Max decided to start trying to crawl during the first week of April.  Here's a clip from 4/4/12.  It looks like a lot of work to me:

Noah and Lincoln on our swing in the backyard 4/7/12:

4/9/12  Noah and Lincoln enjoying some of their Easter basket goodies in our backyard:

I was actually liking Lincoln's short shag haircut, but this is an example of why we decided to cut it short again:

4/11/12  Playing with the next door neighbors.  This is Lincoln and Ellianna.

 Gotta love the chalk.

Max rocking the little tykes car...

He loved Flintstoning himself around in this car...

...until he slipped through the bottom of the car.

4/18/12 We developed a bedtime routine where I put the older two boys to bed while Mark got Max in his pajamas and played with him in the basement, then I would come down Max to nurse him and put him to bed.  As soon as he would see me he would get all giddy and anxious for the milk.  I'd like to say he was just excited to see his mama, but let's be was about the milk.

4/19/12 Another way to play with the excersaucer.

4/19/12 Max at snacktime:

4/20/12 Just hanging out in our backyard eating a hot dog!
Madison, Ellianna, Lincoln, Noah, and Matix.
4/20/12  Max pulled himself up to standing for the first time and was so proud of himself...

4/21/12 Silliness at breakfast time:

4/21/12 Lincoln making Max laugh:

4/28/12 Tobie, Jenny, and Me.  Going away for Tobie and her family before they left for Guatemala!

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