Monday, January 28, 2013

May 2012 Wrap Up

5/2/12 It was just novel to see Max pull himself up to play with something that interested him.  You go, handyman.

5/3/12 Every now and then it's nice to just stop and watch your baby sleep.  These pictures certainly don't do the sweetness justice, but they do kind of show how big my 10 month old was getting.  Slow down time.

I feel the same way about food, buddy.

5/9/12 Noah actually requested this impromptu photo shoot of Max on the kitchen floor as he ran to grab him a hat...

5//13/12 Lincoln and Noah with great-grandma Shirlene on Mother's Day.

I took this picture because I loved my grandma's weeping Japanese Maple...but have to post it now that she's moved from this home.  I love how my grandma has always found beautiful stone statues that she loves to display in her yard also.

5/14/12 My parents were watching Ezra while Chris, Chelsey, and Audrey were in Hawaii with Chelsey's family.  We decided one day to take all 4 boys to the zoo!  Here are Linc, Noah, and Ez climbing on the gorilla statue.

Ezra was a little hesitant to climb up onto this big elephant that was making noises and spraying air out of its trunk (it sprays water later in the summer), but Linc and Noah were all over it.

Ice cream!

Max was a happy little guy in his stroller...

...and this is what he looked like 30 minutes after the previous photo was taken.

The boys always love the playground at the zoo.

5/15/12 Max sure does love the bath.

5/23/12 Max turned 11 months old today!

After Max was done with breakfast it was bath time and I ended up putting him in the shower with me.  He cut his finger pretty bad on the corner of the door's running board, and boy did it bleed.  I think it upset me as much as it did him. We took him to Mark's office and he decided he didn't need stitches, so he cleaned it up and bandaged it.  Here is a picture of Max later that day, giving a mischievous grin, with his bandaged up finger...

5/24/12 My little monkey.

Noah's school had a program that they put on at the high school, and then we walked down to the elementary school for picnic lunches and popsicles.  Lincoln was pleased to find his "best buddy Tyler" there too!  Here they are:

Noah.  My sweet kindergarten boy.

Max just loves being out and about in the stroller.

I love when Lincoln and Noah share...

 Such cute brothers.

They boys had been diligently helping earn and save money to help pay for a family trip to Disneyland.  On May 29th we spilled the beans that we were going!  And that we were leaving in just a few days!  We pulled out their mickey ears and they were so happy and excited!

We gave the Noah and Lincoln each their own lanyards with some pins to do pin trading at Disneyland...

Here is the video clip of us telling the boys:

5/31/12 was field day at Noah's school.  I enjoyed volunteering to man one of the games (ended up being tug of war).  When Noah's class rotated through I snapped a few pictures...

I love this picture of Noah.

Noah's very pregnant teacher jumped in to help in the tug of war (in front of Noah's friend Rachel)...

It was so fun to watch Noah playing and having fun with all of his friends and classmates.

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