Tuesday, January 22, 2013

March 2012 Wrap Up

Max being just 8 months old wasn't walking or even crawling, but he could own that excersaucer.  This clip is from 3/2/12:

And these two clips are from just 3 days later:

3/6/12 Just being silly at mealtime:

3/7/12 Noah and Max just messing around/"wrestling":

...and why is it that slapstick violence can be so funny to babies?

3/10/12 My brother Josh and his girlfriend at the time (now she's his fiance!) had an extra ticket to go to Toy Story on Ice with Miranda's family, and since Lincoln had just gone they took Noah!  Even though he's "moved on" from Toy Story...he even admitted how fun it was!  Here are the 3 of them:

Noah was excited to get a treat in this fun alien souvenir cup!

 3/13/12  Sometimes Noah just cracks himself up (and I can't watch this clip without at least smiling):

3/14/12 Cute Max.
3/19/12 Noah loves to recite, re-enact, and apply scenes/lines from movies whenever possible.  One day while making lunch Noah did this with a tortilla (thanks to Toy Story 3).

3/20/12 Max (with his poor allergy eyes) trilling his tongue.

3/22/12 One day I went in to check on the older 2 boys during their bath and this is what I found:

3/24/12 We were finally able to all get together to celebrate my brother Matt's birthday (12 days after) and we went to the newly opened Cheesecake Factory at City Creek.  We knew there would be a bit of a wait with everything just opening, but three hours?  Really?  I dare say that we have never waited 3 hours to be seated at a restaurant, and certainly not with three young children.  The food was good, but next time we will definitely have one of us stay home with our crazies (in bed) while the other one goes if we can't get a sitter.  Whew.  That being said...we love you, Matt!  Here's a picture of the birthday boy with his girlfriend Katie (that is now his WIFE - that's how behind these blog posts are)!...

Chelsey and Chris:

Luckily Max fell asleep in the stroller, but Noah was still kickin' when we got our desserts to go...

...and this is what Lincoln looked like:
Oh...and did I mention that we had just come straight from having the boys pictures done?  Even though things went smoothly there...the whole production of getting them all ready for pictures, doing them, and then arriving for a long evening like this was...well, I'm glad I have a supportive husband :)

3/26/12 Max loves bathtime

3/29/12 Noah had his award ceremony for karate.  Here is a cute clip of Mark's dad playing with Max before we all left for the ceremony (my kids sure love their grandparents)!

And on to Noah's award ceremony.  He was being promoted to yellow belt second degree (so he got a patch).  Here he is getting his award:

Noah with his grandparents (and Max).

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