Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brothers photo session

Our talented friend Megan Triplett has taken pictures for us a couple of times before this (Lincoln's 18 month photos and Max's 3 month photos).  She does great work and is so good with the kiddos (she has a few herself) ;)  I often arrive to a photo session stressed out from all of the choreographing it takes to have kids show up looking picture ready, not hungry, not tired, on board with the whole photo session idea, etc.  She is always so cheerful and excellent with the kids, and of course I know I can count on her capturing some beautiful images too.  So it's never long before I take a deep breath and am actually able to enjoy the process of capturing these photos.  Here is a slide show of some of our favorites from this session.  I'll post the individual photos below the slideshow  I love them (the photos and the boys):

 Oh how I love these handsome boys.

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