Saturday, January 26, 2013

Matt's college graduation

5/4/12 was also the day my younger brother Matt graduated from college!  We were supporting Noah at his much anticipated kindergarten program during the commencement addresses (which I heard were really interesting...the presient of Disne-Pixar who graduated from the U of U spoke).  We got there just before the convocations began though and were glad to be able to cheer for Matt as he accepted his diploma!

Here are Ezra and Noah trying to be quiet little boys...

Katie handed out these candy leis to give Matt afterward when we congratulated him.

Noah giving Matt his lei...

Matt and Katie.

Grandma Shirlene and Matt.

The kids with Matt (and Mark and Chelsey helping)...

Matt with the parents.

Our family with Matt.

My parents and all 4 siblings...

 Then it was back to my parents house for a barbeque to celebrate.  Here is my mom giving Max a squeeze:

Matt holding Max (dressed in red for the occasion)...

Aunt Linda and Grandma Shirlene.

Grandpa Bennion and Grandma Dorothy...

My dad may have forgotten to thaw the burgers, but Mark was good to find a way to improvise...


Matt and Katie.

Katie's parents.

Katie's sister and brother in law.



Chris and Erica.

Lindsey and Matt.

Josh and David.

Mark and Chris.

Linda and Randy.

Maybe not the best picture of Max, but the only one from the party that I was in so...

Way to go, Matt!  Woot woot!  Degree in atmospheric sciences.

It wouldn't really be a party with my side of the family without a game of cards.

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