Monday, January 21, 2013

A regular day - and Noah feeding Max

March 9th (2012) wasn't a day different than any other, but sometimes pictures of those bring back the fondest memories for me.  First of all, that day we decided that Noah could give a shot at feeding Max.  He did great.  He us such a great big brother!...

A few video clips of the cuteness:

After getting Max dressed Noah grabbed my camera and came over and took this picture of Max and I:

And then Noah asked if we could snap some pictures of ourselves (I wish I could remember where in the world that Lincoln was during all of this)...

Lunch at McDonalds.  Max always liked putting one foot up on the high chair bar when he was this age.  Here he is with his buddy Trey.

Not that this is a proud parent moment, but while we had some friends over for dinner that night we were trying to have some adult conversation so the electronic devices were handed off to the kids.  We looked up to see them all on the stairs like this (it cracked me up).  Linc, Gabe, Noah (and Noah doesn't usually like playing video games like this).  I couldn't help but snap a photo.
So that was our March 9th.

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