Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zoo Lights 2010

We were really excited that Mark's parents came back to Arizona to join us for Christmas, as well as my brother Matt for a few days before Christmas! I thought that I could will myself into feeling better by the time that rolled around, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. I was able to pull myself together for a couple quick excursions though - one of which was on Dec. 22nd when we went to zoo lights! And Mark's parents so generously gave us an annual zoo pass for Christmas also, so we can go back and enjoy the animals anytime! Thank you!

Although the weather ended up being cold and rainy, that ended up being a lot of fun for the boys...umbrellas, jumping in puddles, etc. So that just added to part of the memory of the excursion.

Mark's parents with the boys:

Matt with the boys.

My brother Matt and me...and Noah too.

Noah pushing his grandpa's wheelchair (Mont had just had foot surgery).

Mark and the boys rode a camel. Noah & Linc were a bit hesitant at first...

...but they warmed up quickly once they saw that it was safe, and they had a great time!

Mark and the boys (and grandpa Mont peeking in from the back) while having hot cocoa.

Grandma Mary and Noah on the carousel. Noah chose the lion.

Linc chose the cheetah. Here he is with his dad (there was no chance that I was going to get on a ride that spun in circles)...
Even though we all went home wet, we had a great time and I'm glad that we went. Thank you so much for taking us, Mont & Mary!!!

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