Thursday, March 24, 2011

Christmas Day

This picture is of the boys waiting at the top of the stairs while we "check to see if Santa came". (They're waiting behind the baby gate that we should probably take down since Lincoln just climbs over it anyway) Hmmm...cookies and milk by the fireplace devoured? - check. Stockings filled? - check. Presents under (or near) the tree? - check. And we can confirm that the fat man paid our house a visit! So, we opened the gate and let the boys head downstairs toward their presents. Their first stop?...

...the (unwrapped) bikes! Noah got his "red, big boy bike with a bell" that he asked for, and Linc got a radio flyer big wheel.

Noah unwrapping his gift from Lincoln (the Captain Hook costume he'd been asking for forever).

Of course sometimes the wrapping is as exciting as the gifts. Here the boys are just playing with various types of bubble wrap...

Lincoln opening his present from Noah. I love his silent celebration:

Opening a gift together:

Lincoln taking time to enjoy one of the books received fromHenry...

And Linc playing with a Buzz Lightyear/car toy that he got from cousins Audrey & Ezra!

For breakfast Mark & Mary made Aunt Claudia's delicious crème brûlée french toast recipe...with crème fraiche and fresh berries! Mmmm. (Pretty much an excuse to have dessert for breakfast!)

Time to head out into the gorgeous Arizona weather to try out those bikes!

Lincoln giving his new bike a spin:

Lincoln giving the new t-ball equipment that my parents sent a try...

I'm pretty sure that I was getting this look because it was time to head back home...I laugh so hard every time I see this picture. That's our sweet, but can be very pouty, Noah.

We also enjoyed a lovely dinner and Ron & Diane's house that night, but somehow managed to not take one picture. Despite how awful (sick) I felt that day, I still remember it being a nice day. I'm looking forward to next Christmas though when we have all 3 boys with us...and I'm not pregnant/sick!

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RTC said...

You can't post a picture of something that looks that good and not include the recipe! Recipe please!