Tuesday, March 22, 2011

November Wrap Up

Just 4 pictures and a video clip to wrap up November.

The boys have started being interested in more of the same things lately. So they are interacting and playing (and yes...fighting) together more often now. This was just one of those random quiet playing together moments (coloring) that was really sweet, so I snapped a quick photo.

Tristan & Lincoln at the park (early November).

Noah was playing cowboys one afternoon & he crashed on the couch. I'm pretty sure this was about 5 minutes after he told me that he wasn't tired...

We went out for Mexican food one night and were hesitant to let Lincoln have any of the spicy salsa, but once we relented we figured that we should at least video it...does that make us bad parents? Either way, he ended up loving the salsa & kept wanting more. I just loved how he insisted that it wasn't spicy (even while reaching for his water):

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