Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Silver Anniversary

We recently had a fun reason to celebrate. Uncle Fred & Aunt Claudia (Mark's mom's sister) celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary! How lucky are we that we live here in Arizona where the celebration was, so that we were able to attend? They actually live in California, but made the drive out here (as well as did some of their friends)...and Mark's parents flew in from Utah. They had a wonderful luncheon at the lovely Royal Palms Resort. We've had the pleasure of attending other family events at the Royal Palms in the past. Mark's (maternal) grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary was held there years ago, as well as Mark's cousin Sarah's wedding and reception. It really is a beautiful place to have an event. So! As for Claudia & Fred's anniversary celebration...upon arriving at the restaurant, the ladies were presented with beautiful flower leis. This was a nod to remembering their wedding that took place on the beach in Hawaii. Then we were able to relax and visit before enjoying the delicious food.

Here is the happy couple:

Mark & me.

Sarah & Tyler (who were sitting directly across from us).

Fred & Claudia feeding each other a little dessert...

And my 3 little mini-desserts. Yu-um. I must share what you're looking at (from left to right): Caramel cheesecake & vanilla crème brûlée, carrot cake with spiced mascarpone frosting, and lemon hibiscus crème caramel. Yes, they were as delicious as they sound...especially the last one.

We took a short stroll around some of the grounds, and before leaving we snapped a couple quick pictures of Mark's parents:

Thank you for including is in your celebration, Claudia & Fred. It was absolutely lovely. So, here's to the two of you and the 25 years you've spent together...and to you enjoying another 25 years more!

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