Friday, March 4, 2011

Family photos

This photo session took place mid-October, but we got our images back in November. So, I guess that's how this got in my line-up for November posts. I wanted to schedule the session as close to the end of the year as I dared (to use them for holiday cards), but ended up deciding to do it right after returning from doing IVF in Utah in case I did get pregnant & was sick. It's a darn good thing we scheduled them when we did! So, I was prego in these pictures and didn't know it yet. Funny side-note...the last time we did IVF nearly four years prior (with Lincoln) we happened to get family pictures done during the wait to find out if it had worked too. Anyway! As I mentioned in my last post (that showed some of Linc's 3 year pictures from this session)...Adrian with Canyon Photography did our session. She was great with the kids and did a fantastic job. I was happy that she was so excited to help us capture the beauty of the Arizona desert we live in now too! So! Here are a whole bunch of the pictures from our session. I included some that I couldn't choose between in both color and black/white .

Our affectionate Lincoln was thrilled when Adrian told the boys to give a big hug or kiss. I think that Noah was a tad-bit embarrassed, but he complied (and laughed a little bit). It was such a big hug and kiss on Lincoln's part that it was a bit difficult to get a perfect angle to photograph...but I still think this picture is pretty darn cute.

Here are a few more pictures of our two sweet little rascals:
Such cute brothers.

A few more of the 4 of us:

It's strange to think that they won't always just come up to our waists...


Love those lashes...and lips...and cheeks...

Doesn't he look so grown up in this picture?

Noah has the most charming smile...

I love this expression of Noah's that she caught.

And we even got a few shots of just Mark & I. We snapped these really quickly after the boys had absolutely had it with picture taking - and it was almost an afterthought to do them, but I'm so glad that we did (and right at sunset)! It seems like after engagement and wedding pictures are done that it's so rare to get good pictures done just as a couple. With how quickly Adrian snapped these off, I didn't know how they were going to turn out...but I really love them. I can't believe that Mark & I are just a few short months away from being married 10 years already! So, here's to our crazy, busy, unpredictable, heartbreaking, faith building, extraordinarily blessed, most wonderful decade together, sweetheart. I love the family & life that we've built together...and I love you!


Joanna Taylor said...

They turned out beautifully. I especially LOVE the ones of you and Mark. :)

Mike and Lauren said...

I love them!! Noah really does look so grown up in that one shot - exactly what I thought! Love you guys