Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Christmas program

December 23rd was Noah's preschool Christmas program. Other than the primary program at church, this was his first time singing in any kind of program and he was really excited about it. Of course, one of the things that he was the most excited about was that he got to wear a costume! So, here is our little shepherd pointing to the star in the east...

I love this face...

Me, Lincoln, Mont & Mary waiting for the program to start (Matt & his friend eventually joined us too)...

Can you spot our little guy? (top, center)

"Away in a Manger" was one of Noah's favorite Christ-centered Christmas songs this season. Here's a quick (15 second) clip of the kids singing it:

Noah loved this peppy song ("God Made the Animals a lot Like Me")...especially since it incorporated animals and their sounds:

This 16 second clip seriously cracks me up (hence the camera shaking from me laughing)! I'm guessing the hands on the mouth were to mimic the teacher reminding them to sing loudly?

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