Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Classmates' birthday parties

Back on December 4th Noah had not one, but TWO classmates' birthday parties to attend. Unfortunately, my all-day nausea/vomiting (from this pregnancy) had peaked and was in full force at this time, so I was unable to go watch the fun (I love kids' b-day parties). Luckily Mark was willing to take Noah & even snap a few pictures. Noah and Lincoln both got to attend Bailey's birthday party. Here is Lincoln feeding a horse over the fence a carrot...

Noah's turn:

The party clown painted pictures on the kiddos:

Noah on a swing in Bailey's fun backyard.

Lincoln enjoying a turn on the swing (which later in the party he apparently fell off of pretty hard)...

Some of the kids enjoying their lunch together.

"Patty O" putting on her magic show for the kids:

Noah even got to participate. What a fun party!

Then, later that day, Noah S. (pictured here) had his birthday party at Pump It Up. Mark took Noah while Lincoln napped at home with me. Noah knew that Noah S. was into Star Wars stuff and it was so cute to see how excited he was about helping to pick out and give a couple Star Wars figurines to his friend. We don't have a ton of pictures from that party (that weren't blurry from the kids bouncin' and movin' anyway), but Mark said that the kids had a really fun time. I know that our Noah really enjoyed getting to see and play with kids from his preschool class outside of school that day, and he was just itching to start planning his own birthday party after that day (which would still have been a few months away at that time).

Before the kids start playing they had a little orientation with the rules. I just love how focused & attentive our little guy was (as he is with details of most anything)...

Noah taking the slide head first (kind of a big deal for our cautious child):

All the party kids pulling silly faces (Noah is front, 2nd from left):

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