Thursday, March 24, 2011


In February I began feeling significantly better (not throwing up). So, I was glad to be able to attend a Valentine's Day dinner with several other couples from church, held at the Larson's home the Saturday before Valentine's Day. It was our first time leaving the boys with a babysitter (other than grandparents) who would be putting them to bed, but everything went great & we had such an enjoyable evening.

Josh & Dani B.

Jayson & Dani A.

Shauna & Taft

We know some of the people at this table and don't quite remember the names of others...

Chad & Kayla and Tiffany & Troy

Stephen & Tessa (with Mazarin) and Don Bluth - yes, the Don Bluth for those that know who he is (too bad it's a closed eyes picture)...

Thayne & C.A. with their daughter and grand-daughter

On Valentine's Day Noah brought home quite a haul from he is eating a cereal treat on a stick from one of his teachers!
Somehow I don't have any more pictures from Valentine's Day, but it wouldn't be a Valentine's post if I didn't at least say a public, "I love you, sweetheart!" to my man: Ik hou van je. Ich liebe dich. Te Amo. Wo ai nin. Je t'aime...

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The Nielsen Family said...

Looks like a good group of friends! And a beauitufl outdoor patio!! I guess down in AZ you can have dinner outside on a Feb night.