Friday, March 18, 2011

At Sea (Nov. 2010 cruise, post 1 of 6)

My mom's parents so generously offered to take all of their children and grandchildren on a 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise last November (on Holland America)! Mark was able to get the time off work, and his parents were kind enough to come watch Noah & Lincoln so we could go. When we decided to go we weren't pregnant yet, and unfortunately I was really sick by the time that the cruise rolled around. I considered not going (and definitely would have canceled if it were just Mark & I taking the trip), but I felt really strongly that I would regret not spending that time with my family if I didn't go - particularly my grandparents. So, I got a scopolamine patch, lots of zofran, brought my throw up container, and got an IV of fluids the day before we left - just to help me start the trip out more hydrated (we also brought 2 bags of fluids and an IV starter kit with us just in case). Even though I felt really rotten, I was determined to find moments that I felt ok enough to enjoy myself...and to fake it as well as I could the rest of the time. Besides, even though it was less than ideal to go in my 9th week of pregnancy & really least I wouldn't have the kiddos to take care of and I could just focus on trying to rest and take care of myself amidst the ocean breeze and beautiful views. Of course, I didn't know that seasickness would compound my nausea - but I am still so very glad that I went!!! So, the next few posts will summarize our adventures that week. And no, we didn't take any pictures of me barfing - so I should say that these posts will show the highlights from our trip.
We departed on November 20th. Our first 3 days of the cruise were spent at sea. If you know my family, you know that we love to play cards. So, with nowhere to go or be, we fit in some time to play some cards. And, I have to say that I'm quite positive that we've never played anywhere with a more beautiful view! We were able to find places to play with views of the ocean right out the window.

Grandpa Paul checking out his hand:

Mark, Shelly & Linda (with the ocean view behind them):

My dad & grandma Shirlene.

Jeanette (and Matt in the background). I have to post this pic to show you how pretty Jeanette is before posting the next picture!

Yup. That is also Jeanette. Haha!


This was our 2nd evening on the ship and a formal dining night. Here are Mark and I at the entrance to the restaurant.

In the formal dining area everyone has the same assigned seating if they choose to dine there. At our table were my grandparents:

Mike & Desirae:

And my parents:

The next table was Nate, Ben, Ryan, Matt...

Marrae, Tyler, Danny, and Brent.

The next table was Michelle, Jared, Shelly, Kent & Jason.

And the last table with our group had Linda, Randy, Jeanette, Dave, David, and Andrea.

Looking up in the atrium.

A photo of our whole group after dinner.

Mark & I.

My grandparents.

A sibling shot of Jared, Michelle, Jason - my cousins.

We always enjoyed seeing what towel creature would await us on our beds each night, and we took pictures of them to show the boys when we got home. Here's a ray.

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