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Port Mazatlan (Nov. 2010 cruise, post 3 of 6)

Our first port was Mazatlan, Mexico ("Pearl of the Pacific"). After looking out the windows and seeing ocean for so long, it was a shocker to sit down to breakfast and see a panorama of the city right out the window. Here are my mom & me at breakfast on the Lido deck.

A look back at our ship after disembarking.

Photo-op for my grandparents as they exit the boat.

The dock in Mazatlan is industrial, so you must take a mandatory shuttle from the pier. The sign informing us of who our driver was gave us a chuckle...

Most of us piled into a van and paid a tour guide to show us around the city. The first place he took us was this lookout. From one side of the view you looked out over part of the city and could see our ship docked. It was kind of a strange sight to see our ship right there so close to all those made you realize how huge the boat really is.

A couple shots of my grandma & me.

A close-up shot Kent snapped of some of the items for sale.

The view looking another direction from the lookout.

And Mark & I with the full ocean view behind us:

Also at this lookout there were a few street vendors and a small little store run by this man with a pet iguana. We paid him a couple dollars to take pictures of his cool little creature.
I love this picture that my mom snapped:

Mark holding the huge reptile.

Me taking a turn...

Check out how long his tail is...

And then we had a short period of time to explore a portion of the Mazatlan Malecón - a curved path that hugs the beach and is dotted by bronze statues such as this mermaid ("The Siren") with her mer-child...
That's Kent photographing Michelle looking at the backside of this statue (pun intended).

Group shot:

Grandma & Grandpa taking a rest.

A street vendor's wind chimes in the foreground of cliff divers hurling themselves 50-feet into the waves.

Kent took this great shot of the divers:

Video clip of one of the dives:

We had time to drive to one more area for sightseeing before heading to lunch. The first thing we saw there was The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. It boasted lots of recent renovations & although I'm hardly an expert I did enjoy the architecture. The gothic elements (which I'm fond of) were easy to identify, but I wasn't sure what other period it was integrated with. I looked it up later though & this cathedral is a combination of Moorish & Gothic. Quite lovely.

(Kent took these next two shots of the Cathedral)

This cool shot my mom took of the ceiling actually makes me a bit dizzy to look at...

I love this picture that Matt caught...

Next was the market in Old Town Mazatlan. My mom snapped these first two produce pictures...

And here are some shots of the interior portion of the market (where I actually barfed...which sucked, because I love markets):

Three little piggies...
Mark pointed out that they actually look like they're smiling. Weird.

Now just a few people pictures. I love this one that Mark took:

And this man in the thinker pose from my mom:

A couple pictures Jeanette took. Girl selling gum...

And men on a curb & a bucket, looking like they had something interesting to talk about...

Our last stop was this place to eat on the beach (hurray for our driver knowing where to take us):

Our group:

The view from where we were eating:

Mark & me.

Mark enjoyed a nice, cold bottle of Mexican Coca Cola (I've actually heard it tastes better)...

My parents.

A little music to add to the ambiance. Loved it!

Leaving the restaurant my mom paid this little boy (Carlos) to take his picture rather than buy his toys. How cute is he?

A few pictures on the beach.

We had a few minutes before we had to pile in the van, and I was dying to get my bare feet in the sand and I did! It felt wonderful. I don't know if there's anywhere I love being more than the beach. My mom snapped these next couple pics:

When it was time to head back to the ship, Mark was sweet enough to insist on cleaning of my sandy feet & putting my shoes on for me. My mom snapped a couple pictures of that too...

Our trusty tour guide Walter.

Before getting back on the ship there were places to do some last minute shopping. My mom snapped a shot of a local "K-mart"... well as this photo of a gentleman directing people to their shop.

Matt took this picture from the ship as it left Mazatlan at sunset. Cool pic, huh?

Peacock to end the day.
Goodbye, Mazatlan.

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