Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Super party!

Yes, the party was really super...but it also had a super-hero theme! Since the Nielsens were getting ready to move to California (following fellowship), they combined Zoey and Ezra's birthday parties together and held it at the Donnelly's house. An extra perk of that location for us was that it was right across the street! It was such a cute party!

Here's the birthday girl. SUPER-sweet!

And the birthday boy. SUPER-cute!

Noah was thrilled about the theme of the party and excitedly donned his mask and cape.

Michael & Noah (with a random flag he found in the yard...)

Noah, Michael, Nate, Drew.

Maggie (Claire's sister). Check her out. Notice that she painted on her gloves. Nice.

How cute are the capes that all the kids received? They each had their initial on their cape. N is for Noah...

This party theme was perfect for allowing a bunch of free-play for the kids...

I'm not sure if Lincoln was chasing the dog or running to join the super-hero kids in their games.

After working up a thirst...nothin' like a juice box.

And that was the end of the cape for Linc (for that day), but he looked so cute in it while it lasted...

Leah (mom of the birthday kids) handing out goody bags for the kids to go hunting around the yard...

Lincoln was pleased as punch to stop hunting after finding a bag of kryptonite (green jelly bellies).

Ezra. Pow!

Noah. SUPER-strong.

I love this picture of Linc. SUPER-funny.

James as Super-Grover!...only cuter.

SUPER-chub! Anne-Marie has the superpower (even in her sleep!) to instill in people the irresistible urge to pinch or squeeze something. *For fun: to see how much she's changed in 6 months click here*

SUPER-underestimated! This half-pint (Lucy) is older than you think at first glance...and faster too!

Noah enjoying the sandbox.

Mark manning the grill.

Even though I've become more relaxed (with just my second child) with what I'll allow...I throw even more rules out the window if we're at a party. Lincoln must have downed at least 2 sodas, and he loved being able to indulge in that and play at the same time....

I had to reassure my sweet little worrier that it really was ok if Lincoln spilled a little of his soda. We're outside, it won't stain, etc, etc. I think getting dirty at preschool will be good for Noah.

The cake!

This smile sums things up perfectly. Everyone had a great time.

I had to end with this picture. Michael is one of Noah's superheros. We moved across the street from each other when Noah was just over a year old, so at 4 Noah couldn't ever remember his cool older buddy not being around.
Thanks for such a great party. We're going to miss all the fun parties and get-togethers there! And happy birthday again to the two littlest Super-Nielsens. For those of you that think it's fun on kids' birthdays to look back at the previous year...here is Zoey's last birthday, and here is Ezra's.

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Anna and Stephen said...

SUPER- fun to read! All these birthday parties I read about on your blog make me excited for birthdays to come.