Monday, August 2, 2010

Anna is 2!

Do you remember the little cutie that I used to babysit? Well, she turned 2 and we got to go to her birthday party! We had a lot of fun birthday parties that fact, if you count both of Mark's it was 4 parties in 3 consecutive days! Now that's a lot of cake. Anyway, Anna's party had such a cute underwater/sea creature theme - starting with this big mural that was on the front wall where you walked in.

Then, they had cute little crafts that the kids did and then put frames. Isn't Anna's skirt adorable (courtesy of Claire)?

Noah stamping up his little craft.

Lincoln enjoying a little go fishing game.

Naora and Nate.

This picture perfectly sums up how Noah feels about Anna. He just adores "baby Anna". I couldn't believe that they actually posed and smiled for the camera for me when I asked them to. I love this picture.

Playing in Anna's new playhouse.

Leah made these yummy cakes and Claire decorated them into a cute under the sea cake. She was sick and said that she'd just need to do something simple. Yeah, right. Claire never does anything (especially to do with parties) that is just simple. Cute cake, 'eh?

I like Anna's grandma giving her shirt a tug to prevent her from grabbing the candle off the cake.

Singing happy birthday to Anna.
Thanks for inviting us, Kate & Kyle! We had a great time! We miss that little peanut (Anna) - and you're ok too :)

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