Monday, August 2, 2010

Mark's birthday

We got back in town from house hunting in Arizona just the night before Mark's birthday, so he wanted to keep things simple. All he asked for was to spend some time with family and watch the big game (USA vs. England - world cup soccer game). So, on his b-day (June 12th) Mark's parents came with some yummy food (thank you!) and his brothers Dave and Matt (and Matt's kids) came and we hung out and had a nice time. Of course it helped that the game ended up in a tie (which was great for the USA). Here is Mark blowing out birthday candles.

Present time! Noah getting ready to help daddy open a present.

Mark (with Linc) holding up his little camping stove. Cheeeese!

Noah went on a picture taking rampage. Here were a few of his best shots. Grandma Mary:

Cousin Jake:

Uncle Matt (well, most of him):

Cousin Ava (you can tell that cute little model is used to being photographed):

And I had to include this little shot of Lincoln from behind. His shirt is off while he eats cake. How cute are these little jeans with the built in mock-boxers? Yes, the two year old is still sporting a diaper under there.

That evening we went up to my parents house for a little shindig too. Here are the boys as we sang Happy Birthday to Mark (again)! How nice it was to live close enough to both families that we could end up seeing both of them in one day. Sigh.

Mark blowing out his candles.
Happy birthday, sweetheart. 33 big ones. And thank you to all of our family that celebrated with us.

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