Friday, August 13, 2010

June wrap-up (wahoo!)

Yeah! We made it to the last post of June! Now for those random pictures that didn't make it into another post: Mark with his boys on Fathers Day.

Noah and Lincoln giving their great-grandpa Paul (my mom's dad) a big hug on Father's Day.

Noah, great-grandma Shirlene, great-grandpa Paul, Lincoln.

Random day mid-June. Mark playing some wii with the boys.

June 21st my mom took the boys to the zoo. Noah had been seeing signs around town for this exhibit (Nature's Nightmares) and was particularly excited to see the scorpions. Unfortunately that exhibit closed before the rest of the zoo and they missed it, but they still had a fun time.

I love the lion fountain. It reminds me of my childhood visits to this zoo.

My good friend Jenny moved back to Utah!...just days before we moved away. Grrr. Luckily she came for a visit just before we moved and I got to see her new baby Charlie (while he's still little)! Here is Jenny (and her daughter Grace) showing Charlie to Noah.

Jenny's son Jack and Noah had fun playing together for a couple of hours.

To help us get things wrapped up for the move, my parents took the boys overnight on the 25th. They went to the church office building downtown to go up for a view of the city and my mom snapped a few pictures of the boys.

One of the views of the skyline.

The boys looking down at the temple.

Then next day the boys got to go to the park! They love the castle park.

The last pictures for this post are from Sunday the 27th. We moved into my parents house for a few days while we got the house loaded into the moving vans (and for a few days after Mark & his parents left for AZ with the vans). Here are the boys playing at my parents' house.

Ahhh. Now on to July!

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Anna and Stephen said...

I love the lion drinking fountain from the zoo as well- I remember loving it as a kid! I'm glad you got to have some wonderful times in Utah before you had to leave. I hope you're doing well!