Friday, August 13, 2010

Evening before the big move!

June 30. House keys are turned in. Moving vans (yes...that was plural) are loaded. Mark finished his last official day of residency that happened to be at the VA wound care clinic (not a glorious way to exit). He was happy to kiss that goodbye and is grateful that his new job description doesn't include wound care. Blech. Anyway! Back to the moving vans. The boys thought that they were pretty cool, and after showing them our empty home and then the vans full of our things I think things clicked a little better (for Noah anyway) what was happening.

Here are the boys with our 26' truck.

Lincoln got a little bit nervous standing there by himself. I have to say that I'm pleased to see healthy dose of fear becoming instilled in Lincoln. He's been dangerously fearless until recently, so this is good. I hope it's not bad that I took the time to capture a couple of quick shots of his cute nervous face before rescuing him though...

He looks much more comfortable in the driver's seat now, doesn't he? I love that smile. I'll tell you what did not make us smile though. Our horrible experience with the moving company we hired. I'll post a rant including their business name, etc once I see how they resolve our concerns. At this point it sufficeth to say that they did a horrible job (and for nearly double the amount that they quoted us) and were unable to make our things fit into our rented truck. So! We had to rent a second truck (which is not cheap to do same day...a huge help to Mark's parents for helping us out there). So, this is a picture of our second moving van.

Cute Noah.

Crazy Lincoln.

After our toast to Mark for finishing his last day as a resident! Cheers! (with a little Martinelli's anyway)

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