Sunday, August 1, 2010

While we were house hunting...

During early June Mark & I headed down to Arizona to do some house hunting and make other arrangements for our move. We were gone a full 6 nights and it while it was a huge help to be able to go without the boys, we did miss them too. Our parents were so nice to take shifts staying with them (3 nights each), and I know that the boys had a really fun time. I had gifts wrapped for the boys to open each day (sometimes including an activity for that day), and a new book to open for each night.

The first gift for the boys was a trip with grandma to build-a-bear. They each picked out their animals ahead of time, and I also bought little sound bite buttons (to put inside their animals) on which Mark and I recorded goodnight messages. So, here are a bunch of pictures that my mom took from their build-a-bear excursion. Noah stuffing his tiger...

Lincoln stuffing his panda...

Awwww. Loving his panda.

Noah showing the heart that he was putting into his tiger.


Noah named his tiger "Tigo".

Dressing Tigo in his "Woody" outfit (from Toy Story).

Lincoln with his panda dressed up like Buzz...which he then appropriately began calling "Buzz Bear"

Helping his bear to fly...

Noah adoring his tiger.

The boys outside build-a-bear with their animals in their cute little boxes.

My mom took the boys out for ice cream too, and was smart enough to try to match Linc's to the color of his shirt...

Noah is always partial to chocolate.

My mom took the boys to play at a park near our home. Here are a couple shots she took there:

A couple days later (June 7th) the boys' gift was tickets to a Salt Lake Bees game (baseball). My parents took them and they all had a good time. My mom sent us a picture like this one from her phone that night...I said to Mark, "Is Lincoln wearing a helmet?" Yup. He was. Apparently he was adamant about it, saying that he wanted to be like the guys that hit the ball with a bat. Not exactly the same type of helmet, but still very cute.

Check out Lincoln's hands in this picture. Cotton candy...yum.
I don't have copies of pictures from Mont and Mary's fun with the boys that week, but a huge thanks to both sets of grandparents for all that you did for our boys while we were gone. We wouldn't have felt comfortable leaving them with anyone else.

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