Monday, August 2, 2010

Tracy Aviary

Playgroups, and the people we met through them, were a big part of our life the last 3 years in Salt Lake. As it goes with those things, the boys were always excited to see other kids, and I was always excited to see other moms (and dads). So, I felt a wee-bit emotional when we left to attend our last PIM playgroup (June 17th). It was held at the Tracy Aviary, which I hadn't been to since I was a kid. They have made a lot of improvements and we really enjoyed our visit there.

By far Noah's favorite exhibit was the omnivorous Southern Ground Hornbill. It was a really unique looking, fascinating bird. It had really long eyelashes (that are actually not hair, but rather thin feathers) and you could get right up close to look at them. Close enough that I worried about my boys losing one of their chubby digits if I didn't keep a close eye on them.

The aviary offered a little bird show that one of their trainers put on. Here are Lincoln, Zoey, and Noah watching it.

The sitting thing could only last so long.

Check out Noah's expression. This may have been when the big emu came running out.

Zoey and Noah.

After snack time we let the kids run around for a while. I had to keep telling Lincoln not to throw rocks, and then I finally did see the irony in the situation. Who tells their very active two year old boy to go play near a place like this and expects that they really won't throw rocks? Hmmm...different venue for free play next time?

My boys.

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